Friday, May 1st 2009

Mac Support and Update Preview

Don't despair! We certainly haven't forgotten our Mac users!

Mac support has been unfortunately delayed, as our development Mac had been sent in for repairs after the 0.2 update and was only recently declared officially deceased. We hope to have a replacement by next week, at which point the available updates can be edited for Mac compatibility and tested for release. We apologize for the inconvenience and we're well aware of the major changes that Mac's are missing out on.

Following this week's update, which featured user-requested changes and repairs, the next update is planned to include more major functionality enhancements. Currently, these include a complete overhaul of the search feature and implementation of the previously announced printing capability.

The search function is currently undergoing a major upgrade which will make it the most robust, intuitive search available in any sequence analysis software. Most importantly, it's smart and straight-forward, allowing users to easily find any sequence, restriction enzyme or translation without the need to tell QuickGene. Furthermore, many useful standard and unique search criteria can be specified when more control or specificity is required. We're confident that you'll be amazed how much more quickly you can zip through your projects, finding exactly what you need.

Although the announced sequence printing functionality is already working, its release has been delayed as we ensure compatibility with most printers. Once this is completed, it will be included in the next update and map printing will be soon to follow.

Development of QuickGene continues to steam forward and we're having a great time building it, reading your feedback and dreaming up new features. Stay tuned for the release notes of the next update to find out more about it!