Wednesday, January 6th 2010

QuickGene Beta 0.9 - Setting the Stage for 1.0

One week before QuickGene's graduation from beta, launching it into the world for all to use, we're setting the stage with the final beta update. Update 0.9 kicks off the new year with a tweak or two and smooths out a handful of little wrinkles. With this update, it is now possible to activate your copy of QuickGene using a pre-launch license key.

This also means that there is only one week left to take advantage of our deal for beta testers. If you haven't done so yet, hurry over to the store to grab a license for yourself or your lab at a 25% discount!

The modest list of changes in this update is below:


  • Added flexibility to the feature creation dialog when handling bookmarks.

  • Fixed several small glitches in the map view.

  • Fixed a problem where the view options panel was blank after creating a new project.

  • Fixed a problem with whitespace removal when copying and pasting sequences which corrupted the complement strand.

  • Fixed the feature creation dialog not being displayed if the sequence was not selected.