Wednesday, April 28th 2010

Dutch Bioinformatics Start-Up Partners with American Distributor

The young, Dutch bioinformatics company, CrimsonBase, announced today that it has closed a distribution agreement for its DNA research and analysis software. The deal forms a partnership with master distributor Micronic North America for distribution in North and South America.

The software, named QuickGene, uses modern design principles to enable faster DNA research and analysis and prevent potential mistakes. By automating common tasks and packing in major usability enhancements, the time and money spent on basic genetic research is reduced dramatically.

The partnership for distribution in North and South America was closed with Micronic North America, a laboratory equipment distributor and a leader in innovative biological and medical sample storage solutions. With this move, the Pennsylvania-based distributor has expanded its product line to include usability-focused software for molecular biology.

The quick recognition from the United States comes as a welcome surprise. "We have only just begun seeking sales partners and things immediately started moving very quickly. The enthusiasm we're encountering is great and we're excited to be working with Micronic N.A.", said CrimsonBase CEO, Eric Lammertsma.

"The software that's available to us as researchers is hopelessly outdated, incomplete and difficult to use," he explains. "There is enormous room for improvement." That was the reason for his team of Dutch graduate students to found CrimsonBase and, in collaboration with hundreds of researchers around the world, to introduce user-friendly software for genetic research.

The partnership makes Micronic N.A. the master distributor and primary contact for sales of QuickGene in both North and South America. The new software is expected to become available through licensed Micronic N.A. distributors in the coming weeks, but is available in the Netherlands and the rest of the world directly through CrimsonBase's website.